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Детские сны

Детские сказки, старые книги, пожелтевшие страницы с оборваными уголками. Так много в этом художнике детства, тепла, любви и света, что невольно удивляешься: как он сохранил? Как запомнил? Как сумел так искренно передать?

Разве это - не самые настоящие иллюстрации самых лучших ненаписанных детских книг? Нет, не утонул еще наш бренный мир в цинизме. Давайте любить этих людей. is one of my all-time favourites: it's an outstanding source of all kinds of graphical and photo art. It's a demanding bandwidth consumer, I know, but I believe it is worth it - well, most of the time. Yesterday I stumbled upon the following artist from Honduras: I love coloured pencil, and I believe his technique is remarkable. His works are very childish, warm, sweet, and slightly sad at times - Goodness, such people make me love the humanity more. I guess it's the child inside me. In fact, I never denied the fact that I am still a child and I am not very eager to grow up. ;-)

These artworks are childish indeed, but childish in a good sense: childish does not necessarily mean "primitive". Actually, it is a common misconception: parents treat their children as dumb creatures who can hardly understand a thing and in general are cute, but cause lots and lots of trouble. This is so wrong. Children are not very knowledgeable, obviously, but they are emotionally sensitive, and thus subconsciously notice subtle mid tones and under tones of art. Primitive pictures drawn in three prime colours are probably suitable for kids under 1 year of age, but treating them to such sh*t after 1 is a crime. Why not let them develop emotionally?

Something truly "childish" should be pure and harmonious in the first place. Curious and positive about this huge magical world, in the second place - they haven't seen the dirty part of life, have they? This makes you think, also: we're full of this unearthly light right in the beginning... Why lose it at all?
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